Posters Biennale
Nanjing Biennale of Posters for Peace is advocated and held by Government and professional organizations. It’s an public-interest academic activity.
The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese
Nanjing University of the Arts
Professional designers, artists, students and design groups all around the world.
Time:15th April,2017-25th October,2017
Deadline For Entries:25th October,2017
Theme Example
Never Forgot: Reflection and wound of History
Future: Construction and Outlook of Peace
Above themes are for reference. All posters with theme about peace are acceptable.
Ahn Sang-soo/South Korea
Lech Majewski/Poland
Stephan Bundi/Switzerland
Klaus Hesse/Germany
Fang Cao/China
International review will be considered for exhibition, They selected entries and the winning entries in early November after a preliminary examination and the final Selected ,and award-winning information will be announced through the website, E-mail and other media platform.(due to force majeure factors, the organizing committee of the biennale for the adjustment of the jury have the final power of interpretation)
Grand Award (one from all) Prize:
RMB 20,000
Gold Award (two from all) Prize:
RMB 10,000
Silver Award (three from all) Prize:
RMB 5,000
Bronze Award (five from all) Prize:
RMB 3,000
Special Award (five from all) Prize:
RMB 3,000
Award Certification and Prize will be provided for poster with awards. (participants are responsible for their own prize tax issue) Participation Certification will be provided for all posters been selected into exhibition. Organizing committee has the final right to explain awards issue including amounts and distribution.

Entry Rules
1. Entry Fee: None
2. All posters must be created after 2014. All posters must be printed works of offset, silk-screen or digital. Ink-jet or hand drawing works are not qualified.
3. Size of works: no smaller than 42cm x 60cm (16.54 inches x 23.62 inches) and no larger than 120cm x 180cm (47.3 inches x70.9 inches). 100cm x 70cm is recommended as standard size.
4. There is no limit to the amount of entries. One series work will be accounted as one.
5. The participants should be requested to fill in a label in type-written with participants’ signature. A copy of the label must be fixed with adhesive tape to the lower-right corner on the reverse of each poster to be sent to organizing committee. Content of the entry form will be the only information source of exhibition and publication of posters. (Download Participation Label here)
6. Each work in duplicate, but mounting is not required. The posters must be sent as printed matter of a non-commercial value statement. Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration or invoice. The organizers will not undertake any customs clearance. (Download Mail Label here)
7. All the participants should provide electronic documents. All the images should use the format of TIFF-CMYK with 350dpi in A4 size. All works and entry forms must be compressed and sent to the Please create a new folder for every project, and name it following the rule 'Title - Designer - Country - Number'.
8. Deadline For Entries: 25th October, 2017 (Receiving Time)
9. Address (Download Mail Label here)
No.74 Beijing West Road, Nanjing, China
Office 106, Design College, Nanjing University of the Arts
Organizing Committee of Nanjing International Biennial of Poster for Peace 2017
Post Code: 210013
Contact: Bu Zhenhua
Tel:  +86(25)83498147
Fax: +86(25)83498147
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