International Biennial of Poster for Peace is initiated by cultural exchange associations and organized by professional organizations. It is an international public welfare academic activity that focuses on poster making and exhibition with the theme of peace.
Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Association
Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Association

The Memorial Hall for the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders
Nanjing University of the Arts

School of Design.NUA
The Research Institute of Nanjing Massacre History & International Peace

Guided by
International Cities of Peace

Candidates: Professional designers, artists, students and design groups all around the world.
Time: July 25, 2019 –October 25, 2019
Deadline: October 25, 2019

Theme Example
1. Peace and the City
2. Freedom of choice
Above themes are for reference. All posters with theme about peace are acceptable.

Kan tai-keung/Hong Kong,China
Finn Nygaard/Denmark
Ahn Sang-soo/South Korea
Oded Ezer/Israel
Fang Cao/China
International review will be considered for exhibition, They selected entries and the winning entries in early November after a preliminary examination and the final Selected ,and award-winning information will be announced through the website, E-mail and other media platform.(due to force majeure factors, the organizing committee of the biennale for the adjustment of the jury have the final power of interpretation)

Grand Award (one from all) Prize:RMB 20,000
Gold Award (one from all) Prize: RMB 10,000
Silver Award (two from all) Prize: RMB 5,000
Bronze Award (five from all) Prize: RMB 3,000
Special Award (five from all) Prize: RMB 3,000
Award Certification and Prize will be provided for poster with awards. (participants are responsible for their own prize tax issue) Participation Certification will be provided for all posters been selected into exhibition. Organizing committee has the final right to explain awards issue including amounts and distribution.

Entry Rules
1. Entry Fee: None
2. All posters must be created after 2015
3. Two rounds of review will be held. The preliminary review will be completed by early November 2019. The shortlist of works will be publicized on the official website. The shortlisted designers must submit digital printed posters(the organizing committee is responsible for output) or physical works upon email notification to participate in the final review. In mid-November, the finalists and winners will be determined by the judges.

Submission of works
1. All candidates shall log onto the International Poster Biennale for Peace Nanjing Author Management Center (domestic or international uploading platform) to register, set up an account and fill out personal information. Following are the procedures:
a. Log onto the official website, set up an account to enter the registration and uploading system.
b. Fill out the information as indicated and upload the poster.
c. Requirements for the E-copy to be reviewed and published: A4 size, 300dpi resolution, JPG file format, RGB color model, each uploaded picture is no bigger than 2M.
d. After uploading the poster, the system will prompt “Submission Success” that indicates successful registration.
e. If you have multiple works to upload, you may repeat steps b and c.
2. Note
a. You may submit multiple works with one account. Please do not register repeatedly.
b. Please fill in a valid email address when signing up for the protection of your rights and interests. The Organizing Committee will send important messages of the competition to your email, including notification of shortlisting and winning.
c. Please fill in the entry information properly. You will not be able to modify the information after the registration deadline.
d.The work must be submitted either in Chinese or English. No other languages are supported at the moment. Entries that fail to meet the rules and technical requirements will not be accepted. After the poster is successfully submitted, you will receive an automatical confirmation from the system.

Uploading Platforms
Domestic website: http://ipbp.org.cn/register
International website: http://ipbp.org.cn/en/register