In 2017, the International Cities of Peace declared Nanjing the 169th International City of Peace, which was the first time a Chinese city joined this International organization. Peace remains the eternal theme of social development anytime anywhere. People feel cheerful and cherish the real world when they live happily in a peaceful environment.

“Peace and the City” is the theme of International Biennial of Poster for Peace 2019, which gives a broader view of the previous themes of peace. It shows not only the importance of peace to cities, but also the contributions made by cities to world peace.

Poster is a universal visual medium. Everything in our daily life, including languages, emotions, the past, the future…can be converted into simple or complicated, static or dynamic colors, symbols, images in posters and spread around the world. Poster is not only an effective means of visual communication, but also an important tool to convey public value.

As the first international city of peace in China, Nanjing will face up to the past, promote peace through the Biennale, demonstrate inclusiveness and the determination to forge ahead, speak out with sincerity and continue with research, and bring studies and philosophies of peace to the whole world.